Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big and Chunky

Why is it that all (or most) men always want things bigger? The answer I always get is, it's because it will be so much better. Well, case and point today. The hubby has finally purchased his well-saved 55 inch plasma flat screen TV for which I just smile and say, oh wow honey exciting. When deep down in side I hate everything about it (it's just way too big). What does make me feel better, is this Stella & Dot chunky necklace.  This girl says the chunkier the necklace the better!

Such a great statement piece and look forward to getting all gussied up wearing this little number in front of the silver screen (ok, just our very large TV). Well, at least the Oscars will be fun, it will be like I am there.  

The massive beast has arrived!

Stella & Dot - Jacqueline

1 comment:

  1. That IS a great necklace! I don't often like Stella & Dot jewelry because they seem so delicate, but this chunky piece is perfect! :)