Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Animal Accent

Happy Monday Tuesday! Don't you love it when it is a short week. A little chilly this morning, so added a this fun leopard print scarf into the mix.  Scarves are such a great investment for anyone's closet as they are extremely versatile and can be worn in every season.  A few tips I go by when wearing a scarf:   

Wear your scarf as a key piece: I tend to wear my lepoard scarf with neutrals such as solid color (black most of the time). Make sure the color of your clothing contrasts with the color of the scarf.

Accentuate: If your neck and chest are the main focus of your outfit, spice it up a notch by wearing a multiple chain necklaces or pearls with the scarf (make it sassy girls). Today I chose to go with no jewelry as my dress had a high neck and I wanted to keep it simple (ok, truth, I was running late and could not find my favorite chain necklace).

Less is more: Wear the print on only one part of your body. Spreading the leopard patterns elsewhere on your body makes it a bit overdone.  

Thanks honey for making me giggle this morning.
Dress- Gap
Scarf- H&M
Booties- Sam Edleman
Tights- J. Crew

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  1. that leopard scarf is such a great accent to your outfit!