Thursday, February 28, 2013

Camo Casual

As much as I look forward to the month of February (birthday month and all), for some reason I have lost my mojo and have been skipping the regular workouts and diving into the most naughtiness of meals in the last 2 months.  Oh and the wine, did I mention the wine....there has been a lot consumed! Today, with the sun shining and a little warmer temperature I decided I needed to get back to it!  Get out from under the covers and let's do this!  How do you get back in the game?

Top- Club Monaco
Pants- J. Crew
Shoes- Zara


  1. those few days are the worst
    for me day 3 is the day the soreness hits and i realize i bad of shape i have gotten in
    good luck

  2. Well....I'll jump back on the wagon with you; exercise and eat right again. I'll give it my best go....
    You look wonderful either way.