Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rock The Dots

A little sunshine has made an appearance today and thank goodness as the clouds and rain were making this girl a bit gloomy (cranky as some would say).  Digging in the closet this morning debating on what to wear (every girl's story) and found my Tucker for Target polka dot top that had forgotten all about in the way back of the closet (note to self, CLEAN your closet!).  I just love polka dots, don't you?

Jeans- Gap
Blouse- Tucker for Target
Jacket- J. Crew
Booties- UO

My first attempt at taking photo's with a tripod and self timer, I hate it when the hubby is away! I say a bit more practice is needed.


  1. Bravo on your self-timed photos! Mine always turn out dark and creepy haha.

    LOVE the polka dots and booties! :)