Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrity Copycat

Some days I just need a little inspiration. I was flipping one of my many magazines last night and saw this easy outfit worn by Reese Witherspoon and really liked the combination and knew I could easily recreate it. It was almost too easy this morning.  I even had time to do the breakfast dishes before leaving for work, gotta love it when yo have time to spare!

Happy Friday! 

Skirt and Sweater- J. Crew
Necklace and Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Tee- Club Monaco


  1. Helloooo! This is perfect! Love a good celeb inspiration! :)

  2. SO cute! Love copying celebs and you did it so well!

  3. I love the outfit! So cute and casual but still polished.

    Just wanted to let you know that I wore the scarf you sent me yesterday and posted about it! Thanks again!

  4. Adorable!! I love when I'm able to re-create an outfit AND I'm a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon's chic & laid back style! Hope your Sunday is a terrific one. xx veronika

  5. What a cute outfit! I love those studded ballet flats. You look darling.

    I'm hosting my very first giveaway. It's a good one. Hope you'll check it out!

  6. Reece Witherspoon is one of my favorite celebs to copy. She always looks chic and simple in a good way. I think your version would make Reece proud.