Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rainbow Bright

Jeans in colors are nothing new (I have had a red pair forever now), but brightly colored denim, especially skinny jeans have become so hot that they've become a fashion necessity for all (well at least for me anyway).

If you dare, keep your bright jeans simple, go with along the lines of color blocking, It will keep the look simple and clean. I certainly don’t want to repeat some of the crazy outfits I did in the mid 80’s (Can you say bright aqua peddle pushers and big oversized shirt with shoulder pads, Ugh).

I especially love these hot pink skinny jeans by Current/Elliott that I just added to my closet (see below). They are going to be paired perfectly with a black top and little black sandals and simple black bag.

via Popsugar

Current/Elliott Skinny Stretch Ankle Jeans

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