Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Rosy Crush

Still crushing on floral pants at the moment, just can't get enough.  Fell in love with these Tucker silk pants a while back and was just waiting for the right day to wear them (who am I kidding, I forgot about them in the back of the closet). I guess a sunny Tuesday is a good enough day, yes?   

Pants- Tucker
Top- H&M
Shoes- Simply Vera Wang
Necklace- J. Crew
Eyeing this pair from Zara.. Love the added polka dots


  1. They're gorgeous! And you're so lucky that you can wear a peplum top.

    The Suburb Experiment

  2. amazing outfit!!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  3. I'm still searching for a pair that works for me. A printed skinny pant is what I'm looking for but I have big thighs and when I pull them onto my legs, suddenly there's a five acre garden staring back at me.

    You look lovely as always!

  4. Floral prints really suit you. You look wonderful in them!

  5. I LOVE this peplum top, and you're rocking those floral pants!