Monday, January 7, 2013


This time of year I must admit is a tough one for me (for many I am sure) the holidays are over and the weather is cold and dreary, carrying that extra holiday weight (makes me cranky) and back to the routine that is life sometimes gets me down (no more parties for a while).

As I am more of a spring/summer person and when I am cold I loose that creative feeling when getting dressed in the morning (I am terrible at layering). I saw this brightly colored bauble at J. Crew (where else?) and thought this is just the POP of color I needed to get me rejuvenated until spring.

Skirt and Necklace- J. Crew
Boots- Nine West
Sweater- Banana Republic

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  1. I am with you on the dreariness of Jan/Feb
    Always so hard to get motivated after putting up all the Christmas stuff

  2. I totally feel you. Winter is so tough and it's particularly hard to stay stylish but you look fabulous! I love that skirt and the necklace is such a fun pop of color.