Friday, September 17, 2010

Casual Friday

I love casual Fridays! There is nothing better than coming to work in total comfort. I have dinner plans right after work tonight, so the question is can I take my comfy-cozy khakis on the town on a Friday night?

Yes, of course I can! Khakis are totally hot right now and if you add the right pieces you are set.

Here are a few ideas for taking those khakis from day to night:

1. A pair of heels (I plan on changing my clogs into strappy sandals); remember to roll up the hems an inch or two,  that shows off your shoes and keeps you on trend;

2. A well-fitting top (I have a black tank on underneath and will add a lace tank to go with, I think it will be a nice pairing);

3. Chunky statement necklace and/or a chunky bangle to make the change from day to evening complete. (I have decided to wear my chunky necklace all day, but will add some bangles tonight)

Happy Friday!

Jacket- Banana Republic
Tuxedo Khaki Pants- GAP
Tank- Old Navy
Necklace- Banana Republic (Purchased on eBay)
Clogs- Steve Madden


  1. Necklace LOVE:)
    The entire outfit is gorgeous....

    Have a fabulous weekend!
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  2. Loooove it :)))

  3. Yay for casual Fridays! :D My whole week at work is casual, haha...but I dress up anyway :)
    Love the outfit :D

  4. You look gorgeous! that necklace is so cute! just perfect!

  5. You look very lovely, and thanks for the tips on khakis, I don't own a pair but if I ever get them will keep them in mind!

  6. Nice outfit!

  7. What a great transition from office to night out! That necklace is fabulous.