Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the Army Now- Khaki Green Manicure

No, I did not enlist in the army, but I did try the new hot neutral trend for your nails last night- khaki.  Chanel has created the "Les Khakis De Chanel collection" for this fall and I am loving it. Chanel always the forefront of polish trends (does Vamp ring a bell?) and thought this khaki color would be fun to try.  I did not get a chance to pick up the new Chanel colors but did have a quick minute after work to grab a fabulous alternative, Essie’s Sew Psyched.

What do you think about the Khaki nail trend?

Photo via The Zoe Report

1. Chanel $25.00
2. Essie $8.00


  1. This is a really great color...MUST hunt some down soon:)

    Have a fabulous day:)
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  2. gorgeous colour,and the price differnce is just as gorgeous!!