Saturday, December 4, 2010

Outfit Number 22 Dedicated to One Fashionable Lady

Today's outfit is dedicated to my Grandmother Grace who has left us at 100 years young. Growing up I spent many days playing in her fully stocked closet stuffed with glamourous outfits, hats, shoes and jewelry that was always overflowing.  I could spend hours in there! My Grams handmade me the most sassy outfits and always made a matching outfit for my barbie doll. How cool was that?

Thank you Grandma for introducing me to fashion and the love of a great pair of shoes. You were one fashionable lady and will be forever missed.  (March 5, 1910- December 2, 2010)

Outfit number 22 includes:
Sweater- H&M
Boots- Target
Jeans- Gap
Hat- H&M
Necklace- Lee Angel
Sweater Vest- H&M (not included in my 30, but I was cold and too lazy to grab a jacket!)

Thanksgiving 1976; I am wearing an outfit she made me.

4th of July 2009

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