Monday, February 14, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit Number Nine- A Little Bit of Love

Happy Valentine's Day to all my fabulous friends out there. Today is one of my favorite holiday's. With the color red, hearts, champagne, sparkle and flowers it hard not to smile today. I know most people don't care for it since they feel it is a made up holiday, but I like to make it about family and friends and a little bit of extra love to give. Growing up my mom always made the day festive and fun. I had my special dinner of crab and wine with the hubby last night and tonight I will be with my parents and of course the hubby. We always have a lovely night with a scrumptious dinner (risotto this year), sweet treats (crème brule and chocolate eclairs), gifts, a lot of wine and wonderful conversation.

Thanks mom for making Valentine's Day a such a fun tradition.

Today I had to wear my favorite red dress and a jacket, as it is rainy and cold. Feeling a little bit like a vintage 50's house wife, maybe it's because my bracelet is older than I am.

Dress- Anthropologie
Jacket- Simply Vera Wang
Shoes- Target
Belt- Anthropologie
Bracelet- Vintage (My mom's when she was in high school)


  1. what a beautiful bracelet and i love the red skirt! hope you're having a wonderful v-day!

    cute and little

  2. Love that beautiful Anthro dress! I love, love their clothes AND could spend the rest of my life ONLY shopping there. Sigh. Sounds like you had a lovely V Day/Fam dinner, and that bracelet is the cutest thing ever. xx veronika