Friday, April 8, 2011

Stripes Take Two

I have been in a stripe mood of late.  There are so many patterns to choose from this season.  Breton stripes, nautical stripes, skinny stripes, wide stripes, based toned to bold and electric.  What is your favorite stripe pattern these days?

Happy Friday!

Sweater- J. Crew
Jeans- Paige Denim
Shoes- Simply Vera Wang
Necklace- J. Crew
A sign of spring.  Survived the hail storm last night.

Had a huge hail storm in San Jose last night, chunks still
on the ground this morning.  This never happens!


  1. It hailed down here in socal too...SO weird! Loving the stripes on you...I have been in a stripey mood too! Hope you have a great weekend doll. xo

  2. the stripes look wonderful on you!