Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Excuse me but is that a tablecloth you are wearing? Why yes, yes it is.  It is true I am wearning a vintage tablecloth that was made into a wrap skirt.  How crazy and cool is that?  Now, I can have a fancy lunch on my lap.

Blouse- J. Crew
Skirt- Unknown (purchased at Barbarella)
Shoes- Simply Vera Wang
Brooches- Vintage


  1. I love that! And the skirt is right up my alley...all about the citrus brights!

  2. Talk about creative, Carla! I'm amazed at your creativity and awesomeness *bows down*

  3. Holy brooches! I love that sparkle! And I love that you chambray is like a tuxedo shirt - 2 classics in 1!

    Also, tents and tablecloths and fabulosity oh my! :)