Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I Love- Holiday Dishes

With the holidays just around the corner (only 39 shopping days left) I am starting to get excited about bringing out my Pottery Barn Reindeer dish collection. I started collecting the dishes in 1997 when they first came out with the dessert plates and have collected a new piece every year since.

Tell me, do you have a favorite holiday collection that excites you every year?

How is everyone doing with their 30 for 30 challenge pieces they chose? I must admit I wish I had picked a few different items, oh well such is life.

Day 8 outfit includes:
Dress- Simply Vera Wang
Boots- Target
Jacket- Hinge
Necklace- Forever 21


  1. Gorgeous outfit!! I especially love the dress and necklace.
    Your reindeer dish collection is so cute! I haven't got any cool holiday tradition. Sad face.

  2. oh i love holiday dishes, and the fancy napkins :)

  3. I love your Reindeer collection! So cute! I like to collect Christmas things as well- each year I'll buy something to add to it, mainly Christmas balls and Barbie holiday ornaments :P The pattern on your dress is so pretty, and I think the blazer makes the outfit look really sharp.


  4. I love the reindeer dishes! Sadly I only have two or three Christmas decorations for my apartment. This is a really pretty dress, I'm almost halfway done with the challenge and I'm wishing I picked a few different pieces too, but oh well, that's why it's called a challenge I guess.

  5. Very unique outfit! I LOVE your necklace.