Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit Number Twenty Six- Another Day, Another Outfit

Another day and another outfit for the 30/30. Is it me or am I overly matching today? I guess I was in the mood for a little black and tan (no, not the beer, well if there is wine, I'm not going to decline).   

Jacket- Simply Vera Wang
Skirt- J. Crew
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace- Anthropologie
Tank- Old Navy


  1. I adore the cut of that jacket! The ruffles are just perfect! And it was genius of you to pair the black with the tan!


  2. Love all the volume in this outfit - it works!

  3. It's really classy and even though it's simple it looks interesting!

  4. I really love this. Classic with a slight twist :)

  5. Outfit 30 you say? Well a congrats may be in order here, yay, CONGRATS! And I am loving this tan & black number -chic & lovely. xx veronika