Monday, March 28, 2011

Go Go Go

I always have the best intentions to get IT all done over the weekend, I was in a Go Go Go mode and I still did not cross everything of my list, oh well there is always next weekend.  Sure wish they sold little helpers in boxes that you could just pick up from Target.  

Speaking of Target, I did get a couple of dresses from the Go International Designer Collective. As many of you know they re-released some fabulous dresses from the last 5 years.  I got this little Thakoon number and the green and blue stripe Libertine that I missed out on the first time.

Dress- Thakoon for Target
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Belt- Purchased at Therapy in Campbell

Dinner on Saturday night with the hubby and parents
 to celebrate their 51st anniversary


  1. That's a good dress - and not one that has been over-saturated on the blogs out there. It fits you so nicely!

  2. Why is it that when I browsed the racks, I thought everything looked mehhh? But I love, love the first dress on you. The print and the slight flare? Gorgeous!

  3. Oh it is so lovely and I love how you belted it. I am still staying away from Target my pocket needs a break.

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