Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Latest eBay Purchase

I am on a huge midi skirt obsession right now, and found this great Anthropologie skirt for next to nothing. It's going to be perfect the spring and summer months. Can't wait to wear it!

What is your latest obsession?


  1. i'm obsessed with midi skirts too! but i tried a few on and they don't look that great on me.. sad :(

    i really heart the tucker for target dress you're wearing as a top in your last post!! you're so creative i would have never thought to wear a dress as a top!

    you're going to love mexico i had so much fun :)

  2. Very cute skirt! Love this length but have to be careful because it could make me look shorter than I am! xx

  3. I just found some great maxi dresses! Can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear them!

  4. love this! i have a vintage skirt these same colors and i can't wait to wear it this summer!