Monday, June 7, 2010

Purple Rain

I am having an 80’s flashback moment in celebration of Prince’s birthday today.

Dug out my purple O.P.I Nail Lacquer and Sephora eyeshadow.
1. O.P.I nail lacquer in Purple with a Purpose $9.00
2. Sephora Colorful Mono eyeshadow in Midnight Kiss (royal purple shimmer)$12.00

I am wearing:
GAP Sandals
Vintage Bakelite Ring
Old Navy Dress

Thought it would be fun to include a picture of my concert ticket from the 1985 Purple Rain tour.


  1. Carla - It's Allyson W. - I was at the SAME concert! I swear the parallels never stop :-) Love the new blog!

  2. Hi Allyson. Yes, we are one in the same! Welcome to Simply Bubblelicious happy to have you along. Hope all is well!