Sunday, June 13, 2010

TWIST & Shout for New and Vintage

The hubby and I headed over the hill to downtown Santa Cruz for a little shopping and lunch and I made my way into a delightful new store named TWIST. They had a nice mix of new and vintage consignment clothing, shoes, handbags and locally designed jewelry. This consignment store was stocked with designer labels, from sophisticated Calvin Klein dresses and Gucci jackets along with playful new pieces and rows of handbags. You can get your designer basics at a fraction of the original price.

I will be gathering some items that I have grown tired of and head back. I think this is the start of a monthly event for me. Very excited!

TWIST is coming up on their one year anniversary on August 1st, so a big congratulations to owner Lara Marotta!

Head on over for that something special, looks like this cute store is here to stay!

Here is TWIST’S Consignment policy:

• TWIST accepts High-End designer labels and name brands;
• Accept Designer Merchandise;
• Clothing no older than 2 years;
• Items must be clean & in perfect condition;
• All pieces must be dry cleaned or laundered prior to bringing them to TWIST;
• Have 3 piece minimum;
• Have a 90 day consignment period;
• You have 1 week after consignment period to pick-up unsold merchandise;
• TWIST has a 90 day consignment period, and there is a 60/40 split of the final selling price. They price about 1/3 to 1/4 (sometimes less) of original retail value, and we pay consignors quarterly;
• There is a 3 piece minimum to start you a consignor account, and they ask that you not bring in more than 30 items per appointment time. (If you have more than 30 exceptional pieces, let a TWIST staff member know, and they can book you an appointment to accommodate your needs!);
• Prefer your clothing neatly folded in shopping bags, rather than on hangers;
• Accept only current season clothing.

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